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Transcend Coffee & Roastery



Milk Chocolate | Orange | Butterscotch

75% Chachagui 25% Roberto Figueroa 

Starting Parameters: 20g in | 30 seconds | 40g out
*note above parameters were created using an 18g VST basket on an espresso machine set to 8.5 bars of pressure.
Is this? A BLEND? Yes, it is. In fact, this is the first blend that Transcend has offered in over a decade. We remain focussed on finding exemplary offerings from regions around the world and are proud to showcase them as single-origin offerings. Either of these coffees absolutely stands on its own on our menu, but we can achieve something else through blending. As in cooking, using multiple ingredients with complementary flavours can create brand new and complex flavour experiences. The key is finding flavours that work well and managing their proportion.

We’ve been tweaking blend profiles and flavours for the last several months, and we’re proud to unveil Argyll.

The name is an homage to Transcend’s first home just off of Argyll Avenue in Edmonton, AB. That tiny shop was the beginning of Transcend’s journey through the coffee industry and was where so many Edmontonians learned about the range of flavour possibilities within coffee. We felt it was a fitting name for our first step back into the world of blending coffee.
Our goal with the Argyll Blend is to offer a consistent and classic flavour profile that is available year-round. While the coffee comprising the blend will change with the seasons, the classic profile of chocolate and nuttiness with hints of fruit will remain constant. The first iteration of Argyll is composed primarily of a lot of pure Castillo from the town of Chachagüí in Nariño, Colombia. Grown at an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the coffee from this region brings a smooth chocolateness and hints of dried orange. When combined with the pure pacas from Roberto Figueroa, the chocolate becomes sweeter, and the dried orange becomes grapefruit candy.

We know you will love the classic and versatile aspects of this new blend and enjoy it regardless of how you choose to brew it.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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