Transcend Coffee Flavour Profiles

We know it can be hard sometimes for you to find the flavours that you enjoy the most.

To make it easier, we have simplified our labels and have colour-coded them based on the most dominant flavours our expert team taste when they evaluate our coffee offerings.

We think that making and drinking great tasting coffee should be easy, so we hope that these colour codes help you decide which coffee you would most enjoy, or perhaps which direction you should vere off onto a new path and explore.

Coffee Tasting Notes

Tasting notes are the most common way to convey how a coffee is likely to taste. Typically a coffee bag contains 3-5 descriptors.

This time, we decided to try something different.

Rather than just using a few key descriptors, we are now categorizing our coffees using colour based on the most dominant flavour that we taste in the coffee.

This way, it's easier for you to find the ones you love or experiment with new ones.

Transcend Coffee Flavour Profiles