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what is coffee, really?

Most of us drink coffee every day, it is part of our daily rituals, but do we really know what coffee is? Our director of coffee, Josh Hockin, walks you through the basics.

Why does Grind Matter?

One of the easiest ways to enhance the flavour of your coffee is to improve how you grind your coffee before brewing.

  • Your coffee should be ground according to your chosen brewing method.
  1. Espresso - Very fine grind
  2. Drip - Medium grind
  3. French Press - Very coarse grind


  • For the best results when brewing coffee, a burr grinder is recommended.


  • Coffee quickly looses its freshness once ground, so whenever possible, grind right before you brew.

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what about acidity in coffee?

Without acidity, coffee is bland, flat and uninteresting. Acidity when properly developed through expert roasting gives coffee brightness and liveliness which enhances both the flavour and the overall mouthfeel.