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Direct Trade

Canadian Coffee Subscription

The Transcend coffee subscription, one of the best in Canada,  allows you to get Direct Trade, fresh-roasted coffee delivered right to your door. Never run out of coffee again.  


Our customizable coffee subscription options offer something for everyone. Whether you're an occasional coffee drinker or you brew multiple pots a day, customize your coffee subscription to meet your needs. 


Let our expert coffee roasters elevate your daily coffee experience. 

Transcend latte with latte art being poured into it.

Step 1: Select Your Direct Trade Coffee

Choose from a variety of flavour profiles based on your coffee drinking preference, or let us do the work by selecting the Roaster's Choice. We also offer a decaf coffee subscription. 

Step 2: Customize Your Canadian Coffee Subscription

Our flexible subscription options let you setup your subscription to be just right for you. 

Bag Size

Choose from either 320 gram bags or 908 gram bags. As a guideline, a 320 gram bag of coffee will make approximately 34 cups of drip coffee. 

# of Bags

You can select one bag per delivery or choose as many as four. 

Frequency of Delivery

Coffee is best enjoyed fresh. Choose to have your coffee delivered to you once or twice per month.

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Step 3: Finalize Your Coffee Subscription

You're ready to go. To finalize your coffee subscription, just choose from one of our convenient payment methods.


Choose to pay automatically for each delivery by credit card subscription or prepay for a fixed number of shipments.