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Wholesale accounts

If you’re like us, you care a lot about the coffee you serve your customers. Flavour and unique tasting notes are important to you, but so is sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing. Our team of roasters carry a wealth of knowledge and skill when it comes to creating the right roasting profile for each coffee, which is sourced directly through our in-house green buyer.

Our wholesale team will work with you to help you present unique and interesting coffees in your own cafe, so you can have confidence in what you serve your customer.

Office coffee program

It’s the little things, like providing high quality coffee, that can boost staff morale. There is a simple, sustainable way to have high quality coffee in your office, without sacrificing taste or time. If you’d simply like to bring new coffee on board and stick with your present equipment, our technicians will help you calibrate your coffee machine to get the best cup possible. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing coffee equipment or start fresh, we’ll provide some of the very best brewing equipment available that’s both easy to use and fits the unique needs of your office.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can rest assured you’ll have the full force of our technicians and wholesale coffee experts on your side.



We believe that every cafe is unique. There can be a lot of pressure to fit in to the perfect “coffee shop” image, and the large variety of equipment and practices in the coffee industry can make it difficult to find your own approach. We’re here to help you make informed decisions that will both click with your clientele and smooth out your operations. Together, we can create the right framework that will benefit your cafe in the long run.

Our wholesale team can help you with the following and more!

  • Efficient Bar Design
  • Cafe Menu Development
  • Barista Training
  • Marketing Guidance
  • Equipment Sourcing

Why Transcend?

Our Business is Built on Relationships

We’re always looking to partner up with businesses that share our passion for thoughtful sourcing, strong relationships and simply good coffee. It’s not easy to make it in this world alone, so we’re here to work together, regardless of where you’re at. From setting up your new cafe to developing training, to tackling dialing support, our wholesale team is here to help build your coffee business.

Experienced Coffee Professionals

Our team wants to help you navigate challenges and opportunities of the coffee industry, as well as, anticipate operation issues before they become a problem. We know which issues plague the operations of a cafe, because we’ve been there. We’ve also learned how to anticipate and work through a variety of obstacles successfully. You don’t have to try and navigate every issue on your own--from starting up to managing a prosperous cafe in Canada, we’re here to share the lessons we’ve learned.

Here to Help Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

We’re happy to work with cafes, restaurants, offices, food trucks, market stands, and everything in between! Whether you are looking to serve quality Canada-roasted coffee at your small business or need a full cafe rehaul we have the expertise to help you live out your coffee passion.

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