Tres Quebradas - Peru
Tres Quebradas - Peru
Tres Quebradas - Peru
Tres Quebradas - Peru
Tres Quebradas - Peru

Tres Quebradas - Peru

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Coffee, Espresso, Filter Coffee, Orange, Peru, QOrange

Cherry | Orange | Brown Sugar

  • Town: Shumbana
  • Region: Santa Rosa, Jaén, Peru
  • Farmers: 11 farmers who go by the collective name “El Diamante”
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Varieties: Catuai, Pache, Catimor, Bourbon, Caturra
  • Altitude: 1590-1800 meters

Santa Rosa is a mountainous district located along the border between the provinces of Cajamarca and Amazonas. Its misty heights provide ample moisture and cool temperatures for high-quality coffee. The highland areas around the town of Shumbana are home to a burgeoning community of coffee growers, eleven of whom have grouped together as an informal collective that they call “El Diamante.” When we last visited in November of 2019 we saw their communal nursery for seedlings and the small mills that were shared by several producers. Our hosts, Israel and Onias, took us down to Israel’s farm after a generous lunch, which took much longer than intended (due mainly to our getting lost on the way). By the time we set out to the farm, the sun had begun casting a golden light on the small valley we were in. On the walk, we passed through several farms owned by others and finally made it to Israel’s plot. He walked us through his young bourbon trees all the way to his prized geisha trees. Well cared for and clearly thriving, the trees looked exceptionally vibrant as they were bathed in the golden sunlight.

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We want to draw your attention to a subtle change on our labels, all of our labels now include both filter and espresso symbols.  The reason for this is simple:  all of our coffees have been prepared so that they are well suited to any brewing method.  Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of our coffees, making each brew unique.  We will continue to classify any coffees we deem especially suited for brewing espresso.

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