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Sumava - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Costa Rica
Sumava - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Costa Rica
Sumava - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Costa Rica

Transcend Coffee & Roastery

Sumava - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Costa Rica


Cherry | Chocolate | Hazelnut

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Region: West Valley
  • Elevation: 1600 meters above sea level
  • Farmers: Francisco Mena
  • Mill: Sumava de Lourdes
  • Variety: Villa Sarchi
  • Processing: Yellow Honey, dried on raised beds

We’ve known Francisco Mena for a long time. Poul made the mistake of telling him his somewhat unflattering (and, fortunately, outdated) views on coffee from Costa Rica while they were both in Panama in 2009. In response, Francisco invited him to Costa Rica as a guest of Exclusive Coffees, Francisco’s newly formed coffee exporting company. Needless to say, what Poul saw there changed his mind, and we’ve been working with Exclusive ever since. 

Sumava de Lourdes (we shorten it to Sumava) is a passion project for FranciscoAfter years as a coffee quality control manager and exporter, he was granted the opportunity to manage a gorgeous plot of land in the coffee-heavy West Valley. The result is Sumava de Lourdes, a sprawling finca and micro-mill named after a famous national park in the Czech Republic. Francisco has split the land into two plots: Finca Monte Lourdes and Finca Llano Bonito. Monte Lourdes is home to the mill and to several smaller lots of exotic varieties of coffee while Monte Llano Bonito houses exclusively the classic Costa Rican Villa Sarchi variety. This lot of coffee comes from Monte Lourdes and is 100% Villa Sarchi, which has been processed as a yellow honey. Yellow honeys have most of their mucilage stripped off during the milling process, and when the parchment dries it takes on a bright yellow colour. 

This is our first year in over a decade where we weren’t able to go meet with Francisco in Costa Rica, which made buying coffee a bit different. Even though we couldn’t taste as many samples this year, because we’ve been working with Francisco for so long, he and his team know what we’re looking for and sent us up some stellar samples to choose from. We’re excited for this year’s Costa Rican coffees to be here, and we hope you are too!

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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