Transcend announces a new darker roast coffee blend to its line-up

The history of Transcend Coffee is rife with blends. When our founder Poul Mark started Transcend Coffee in 2006, all the offerings were blends. There was the Magpie Blend, the Crow Blend, St. Drogos Blend, just to name a few. These blends were the norm in 2006, and Poul relied heavily on Kenneth Davids book on coffee roasting at the time to aid him in developing those initial blends.

As Transcend evolved, and Poul began to travel to "origin" those places where coffee grows, the focus slowly shifted towards offering "single origin" offerings which are akin to single malt whiskeys. That trend - offering up only single estate or single origin coffees continued until this year.

In the absence of scientific data to guide us we used to think that we were preserving the unique characteristics of "terroir" or place in the way that we roasted our coffee. As more research has been done in relation to coffee roasting and its effects, we now know that this idea, while admirable, is more fiction than fact. We now know that the amount of heat applied to a coffee seed, even during a light roast, is massively effecting the organic cellular structure of that seed, and consequently having a huge impact on the resulting flavour.

With all of that said, our green coffee buyer, Josh Hockin, is very good at his job. He is arguably one of the best at his craft in Canada and consistently buys amazing quality for us to build upon. Our roastery team lead by Kate Sortland is equally talented and consistently produces a roast that coaxes unique and exciting flavours from the quality green. Together, our roasting team does a superb job in producing consistent quality.

Now we are taking that profile a little bit darker to satisfy the customer that isn't quite ready to drink fruity coffee, and prefers a more classic flavour profile of chocolate, nuttiness, a sweet goodness. 

Why not give our new Gateway Blend a try as we launch it next week. No matter what flavour profile you typically prefer, we know that you will enjoy this new blend.

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