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Coffee storage at finca La Concha, Costa Rica
Coffee lovers worldwide have become increasingly intentional about the impact of their cup of joe. As a result, the demand for ethically sourced coffee has grown substantially. This has led to the rise of both Direct Trade and Fair Trade coffee options. This blog post will explore the differences between these two approaches, highlighting their unique characteristics and benefits.
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Our Approach to Roasting Coffee
“Which coffee is your dark roast?” This is probably one of the most heard questions asked by newcomers in our cafes. And frankly, we understand why. Dark roasted coffee is ubiquitous within the marketplace thanks to the influence of the...
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Acidity in Coffee
For most people the concept of “acidity” is difficult at best and scary at worst. It would seem that most people aren’t fans of the concept of acid in their diets. While some folk love things that are SOUR most...
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Improve your tasting skills
We often say that tasting coffee is difficult, much harder than tasting wine. While this is indeed the case, it is not to say that you can’t improve your coffee tasting skills. Drinking coffee, especially great quality coffee, should always...
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So what exactly is the Cup of Excellence?
The idea for a Cup of Excellence was hatched in the mid nineties and was the brain child of George Howell and Susie Spindler who founded the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE). The first competition (“the Best of Brazil”) was held in...
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