Free next-day delivery via Deeleeo in Edmonton Region

Free next-day delivery via Deeleeo in Edmonton Region

We are always looking to find ways to make your coffee experience better. 

We also know that sometimes you let your cupboard get dangerously low when it comes to coffee. It's not really your fault, you are busy, have too many tasks and it just slips you mind. Add the challenges of COVID to the mix and it can be downright aggravating to get to one of our cafes and grab a bag of beans. 

Even if you order a couple of bags online and get free shipping, who knows when it will arrive as Canada Post struggles with the mountain of deliveries in their cue.

So to ease your mind, we have partnered with Deeleeo, a new start up in the Edmonton area who are doing same-day (and in our case, next-day) deliveries in the Edmonton region. So if you live within a 20km radius of the city and order $40 or more in coffee, we will have the fine folks at Deeleeo deliver your order right to your door.

Place your order by Noon (12 PM) Monday through Thursday and get free next day delivery.

The reason we can't do same day delivery at this point is due to our own Roastery fulfillment limitations. Hopefully with time and some experience, we will solve these hurdles too, and be able to provide same-day delivery. 

We are always thinking of ways to help you make great coffee at home. One way to not run out of your favourite coffee is to sign up for a monthly subscription. This will help ensure that your cupboard never runs bare.


Poul Mark

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