Free Footie Transcend Coffee's Designated Community Partner

Transcend's 2016 Sponsored Team

Tim Adams, the founder of the after school sports program Free Footie, is a relentless force for good in the city of Edmonton. His vision for a barrier-free, inclusive sports program was but an impulsive reaction to a story he was doing for the CBC ten years prior. A decade later and the program serves over four thousand kids, with aggressive plans to expand into the entire city and beyond.

Transcend's founder, Poul Mark, has done his fair share of globetrotting, albeit on the less glamorous end of the spectrum. While visiting many coffee producing countries he had the opportunity to see first hand how ineffective most charity work was in the countries he spent time in. Those experiences have solidified our approach to giving back, with a focus on contributing locally, where the impact can be seen and measured.

Thus the relationship between Transcend and Free Footie began. Slowly at first, tentatively, to the place where it is now. Transcend is still a bit player in terms of the overall after-school program, where kids are picked up at their schools and transported to venues where they engage in soccer, basketball and now floor hockey twice a week.

Transcend believes in Free Footie's stated mission to provide vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment at no cost to them or their families. We fully support the growing work to empower kids as they develop holistically through the power of play.

Transcend Coffee receives hundreds of requests for donations throughout the year. While recognizing the good work that all of these communities do within the Edmonton region, we as an organization decided to choose one group to support so that our contribution could truly be leveraged into significant impact. For the next couple of years, that focus will be directed at Free Footie and we encourage any of our patrons to support them as well. That donation can be as small as $5 for sports equipment, $67 per player or $1000 per team. If you really want to get involved you can sponsor an entire season for $4000 and impact the lives of kids in Edmonton who would otherwise not have access to sports or all of the countless benefits that come from engagement on a team in a supportive environment.

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