5 Tips to Brewing Better Coffee

5 Tips to Brewing Better Coffee
At transcend, we value the flavour and quality of our coffee. We've even gone insofar as to deem one of our core values celebrate taste. There's something about a consistently excellent cup of coffee that gets us excited. We wanted to share a couple of our brewing secrets that transform a good cup of coffee into an unequivocally great cup of coffee.  
  1. Choosing the right coffee for you.

Luckily, we have an eclectic variety of coffees that cater to different tastes. When choosing one of our coffees, keep in mind that the colour on the bottom left-hand corner of the bag corresponds to the coffees' inherent flavour characteristics. Notably, these flavours are not overt but rather, are exceptionally nuanced and subtle. If you crave categorically "fruity" coffee, look for coffees with pink, purple or yellow on your coffee bags. The properties of these coffees are bright and complex. If you prefer a darker roast, our coffees that have brown/light brown colour coding will better suit your palate. You can expect rich, nutty and chocolatey characteristics in these coffees.

     2. Choosing the grind

Ensuring that you have the correct grind is imperative to brewing a fantastic cup of coffee. On our website, we have given you the option of a drop-down menu should you wish for your whole-bean coffee to be pre-ground. We do recommend that your coffee is ground immediately before brewing; however, we realize this may not be an option for everyone. Surprisingly, how you grind your coffee matters a whole lot when it comes to maximizing the flavour you get from your coffee. For more information please check out our Learn More page.



3. Perfecting your measurements

We recommend using 60g of coffee for every litre of water. While this step might seem tedious, it truly makes a difference in the overall taste of your coffee. In addition, it helps to accentuate the unique flavour characteristics of each coffee.   

4. Water

Using filtered water is highly recommended. Coffee is 98% water, a little know, and often surprising fact. As such, controlling the water used in brewing will have a significant impact on the final flavours in brewed coffee. We don't recommend RO water as it lacks any minerals which aid in the brewing process. With all of this said, most major cities in Canada have good quality water right out of the tap.  

5. Choosing the Moccamaster that is right for you

A brewer that suits your brewing style is essential. Being mindful of the type of brewer you require will allow you to achieve a great-tasting cup of coffee. Moccamaster brewers are SCA certified, meaning the coffee brewed with these brewers reaches the optimal temperature setting before extraction, ensuring that the coffee reaches its full extraction potential. Conversely, brewers that do not adhere to these strict standards frequently brew coffee that is under-extracted. In other words, the coffee produced by brewers that fall beneath these standards do not reap the coffee's full potential. While we recommend a Moccamaster, here is a list of SCA-approved coffee brewers that adhere to these strict guidelines.

We hope this was insightful for you in relation to how you can improve your daily cup of coffee. Over the years, we've learned through trial and error what is needed to create a great-tasting cup of coffee.

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