Yacuanquer - Raw Green Coffee - Colombia
Yacuanquer - Raw Green Coffee - Colombia

Yacuanquer - Raw Green Coffee - Colombia

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Colombia, Green Coffee

Milk Chocolate | Cane Sugar | Prune 

  • Country: Colombia
  • Town: Yacuanquer
  • Region: Nariño
  • Altitude: 2000 - 2300 m.a.s.l.
  • Varieties: Caturra, Castillo
  • Process: Washed and dried on raised beds.

Working on a farm is not easy. Farmworkers worldwide fight to keep their craft alive every day, for it has not been given the recognition and value it deserves. Regardless of how experienced and careful a farmer is, each crop’s success and resulting harvest depends on a volatile and uncontrollable climate. Furthermore, no matter how much effort is put into a crop, economic retribution hardly ever corresponds with the effort put into it. The resulting effect of the precariousness of this industry is disastrous for those involved; most end up migrating into the city, and too few remain out in the countryside to dedicate their lives to the ancient practice of working the land. 

Within the world of coffee production, one direct consequence of the prolonged denigration of the farmers’ work can be seen in the loss of a trained workforce which has directly affected the quality of the harvest. This is troubling for obvious reasons, but perhaps the most important one is that without a quality harvest at the hand of a trained picker, it is almost impossible to guarantee a cup of coffee of the highest quality. With all of this in mind, Azahar has created their Proyecto Recolectores - The Pickers’ Project.

In 2018 Azahar selected a team of 30 pickers in the Vereda of Tasnasqua in Yacuanquer to train in best practices for picking the highest quality cherries and preserving the quality for processing. Workers were paid twice the standard price for picking coffee, and the resulting cup quality was phenomenal. In this fourth year, there were 52 pickers in the program, and we are proud to share the results with you now.

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