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Sumava - Costa Rica
Sumava - Costa Rica
Sumava - Costa Rica
Sumava - Costa Rica

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Sumava - Costa Rica


Nectarine | Floral | Papaya

  • Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1670 - 1750 meters above sea level
  • Varieties: Caturra
  • Process: Red Honey

This lot of coffee comes from Monte Lourdes and is 100% Caturra, which has been processed as a red honey. This means that the coffee cherries are depulped and the seeds are left to dry with some of the sticky mucilage left, which causes them to turn red in the sun.

Francisco Mena is the owner and farmer of the mill and when he bought this farm, he never imagined that the Coffee Research Center in Costa Rica had varietals experiments done there years ago. He found a lot of special varieties, ready to be harvested there.

Great quality coffee is what you get from years of experience, hard work and attention to detail. Francisco and his team are truly dedicated to delivering the best quality coffee you can get in Costa Rica with great complexity of flavour and care to the process. Thats why we love working with them, they care for quality coffee as much as we do.

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