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Transcend Coffee & Roastery

Sollomo - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Ethiopia


Peach | Meyer Lemon | Green Tea


  • Origin: Tabe Haro Weto, Uraga, Ethiopia
  • Producers: Uraga Washing Station
  • Variety: Mixture of Heirloom and local varieties
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1950-2250 meters above sea level

700 farmers around the woreda of Sollomo sell their coffee cherries to the Uraga washing station, which is in the Uraga woreda of the Guji zone. Freshly de-pulped cherries are fermented for at least 36 hours before being washed and sent to dry on raised beds for anywhere between 15-21 days. The drying coffee is shielded from the hot mid-day sun under nets but is otherwise continuously raked during the daytime. At night the coffee is covered with tarps to prevent evening dew from condensing on and rehydrating it.

Josh cupped this lot of Sollomo on his trip to Ethiopia in December and was struck immediately by its intense fruity sweetness, juicy acidity and complex flavour.