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Santa Lucia Ethiopia - Special Reserve - Costa Rica

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Coffee, Costa Rica, Filter Coffee, QYellow, Special Reserve, Yellow

Lemon | Jasmine | Cane Sugar

  • Farmer Name: Ricardo Perez
  • Coffee Region: West Valley
  • Micro Region: Naranjo
  • Terroir: Llano Bonito
  • Varitiey: Ethiopia
  • Process: Yellow Honey
  • Growing Altitude (m): 1600 – 1700
  • Weight: 200g


Growing up, Ricardo learned the coffee trade from his father. Coffee production could be unpredictable, so when Ricardo moved on to start his own farm, he planted multiple crops like bananas, limes and asparagus which helped him manage the risk of good and bad years.

At this time thirty years ago, Ricardo was farming coffee with conventional methods. But one day as he was spraying pesticide up at a tall tree, Ricardo noticed the spray covered him in chemicals as it fell back to earth. He reasoned if it wasn’t good for himself, it probably wasn’t good for the plants. When Ricardo decided to make the move from conventional farming to organic farming, his production fell from 30–35 fanegas to only two. The change put heavy financial stress on the farm, and for a while, there was very little income.

In 2000, Ricardo met Marvin and Felippe, fellow avocado farmers, and together they started a new coffee farm. In the first year, they only produced 170 bags of green coffee--they now produce over 5000. 

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