Roberto Figueroa - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Honduras
Roberto Figueroa - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Honduras

Roberto Figueroa - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Honduras

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Green, Green Coffee, Honduras

Raisin | Rose Hip | Orange

  • Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras
  • Altitude: 1500 meters above sea level
  • Varieties: Pacas
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • Drying: Raised, covered beds

COVID-19 has impacted people across the world. In addition to the health risks, the necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus that people and governments have had to put into place have created a lot of economic uncertainty. Some of the most vulnerable populations in the world don't have access to much support, and coffee growers and farmworkers are among them. The pandemic hit the country of Honduras right as the coffee harvest was getting into full swing, and many coffee buyers were facing uncertainty and had to reduce, postpone, or even cancel their coffee contracts. We worked to buy as much coffee from Roberto Figueroa and Duvis Moreno, the two producers we work with in Honduras, and at the same prices we paid last year, and despite the ongoing pandemic, things were looking fairly positive for next year. This fall, however, two major hurricanes made landfall in Central America within two weeks of one another. Hurricanes Eta and Iota slammed into Honduras, bringing torrential downpours, major flooding and mudslides. Many coffee producers in the area saw their farms destroyed and their lands inundated. The work to clean up will take months, and many people had to be re-settled while they figured out if they could even return to what remained of their homes. To help, we are giving $0.50 per bag of each bag of Honduran coffee we sell back to Roberto, Duvis, and their families to help them rebuild.

Honduras is a country that grows some spectacularly complex coffees, and the western highlands that make up the Santa Barbara department are home to some of the most innovative coffee producers in the country. Above the town of Peña Blanca are communities of growers and millers that are dedicated to the pursuit of amazing coffee. The team at Beneficio San Vicente, a dry mill located in Peña Blanca, has excelled in both spreading the knowledge of coffee husbandry to the surrounding communities and growing access for these excellent coffees to specialty buyers from around the world.

Roberto Figueroa's farm is located near the town of El Cedral and the Pacas variety that he grows is full of wild and fruity flavours. He's been an avid farmer since he was a child. Roberto started by growing vegetables in his mom's yard and selling them in local markets. He saved up enough money to eventually buy a small piece of land for himself. When he saw his neighbours growing coffee and making a sustainable living off of the high prices they were receiving, he decided he'd plant coffee on his land. Roberto tends the land himself and hires a small team of pickers during harvest. Even though his parcel of land is small, he's planted efficiently and gets high yields from each of his well-cared-for trees. He sells his coffee to Beneficio San Vicente in Peña Blanca, who dry-mills and exports this exquisite coffee around the world. We're honoured to be able to serve his coffee for another year.

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