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Nensebo - Ethiopia **LOW STOCK**
Nensebo - Ethiopia **LOW STOCK**
Nensebo - Ethiopia **LOW STOCK**

Transcend Coffee and Roastery

Nensebo - Ethiopia **LOW STOCK**


Plum | Mango | Floral

  • Origin: West Arsi, Ethiopia
  • Farmers: 675 Smallholders from the village of Refisa, Riripa, Bulga, and Roricho
  • Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds
  • Variety: Mixture of local landrace and improved selections from Jimma Agricultural Research Center
  • Altitude: 1900-2100

We have always cherished the ripe citrus and floral notes that make Ethiopian coffee so unmistakeable. What we have always found frustrating is that, while the flavours can be so transparent, the provenance of any given lot of coffee often isn’t. As the rules that governed the trading of coffee have changed to let washing station owners export their own coffees, it’s like a window has finally been opened and we can see just how large and complex the coffee sector of Ethiopia is. One of the unusual things we’ve learned is that most coffee exporters in Ethiopia are really just small arms of larger firms, often construction companies. They export coffee to bring foreign currency into the country to finance their other projects. While reserving any judgement, it’s important to note that the quality of the product and the welfare of the workers upstream might not necessarily be of paramount importance in this system.

SNAP Coffee was started by a young coffee entrepreneur named Negusse Weldyes back in 2008 as the laws in Ethiopia started their winding path to transparency, and it now owns and operates washing stations in the Gedeo zone and partners with washing stations in Guji and West Arsi. They’ve hired the Coffee Quality Institute to help raise quality standards at the Refisa washing station in West Arsi, which is where this particular lot comes from. As they’ve instituted more strict drying practices and cleaner washing practices, their coffees have really opened up and this coffee is a brilliant example of the contracts of bright citrus and rich black tea that makes Ethiopian coffee so intriguing.