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Kercha Guracho - Ethiopia
Kercha Guracho - Ethiopia
Kercha Guracho - Ethiopia
Kercha Guracho - Ethiopia

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Kercha Guracho - Ethiopia


Cherry | Blackberry | Dark Chocolate

  • Region: Kercha, Guji, Ethiopia
  • Farmers: 150 out-grower farmers near Guracho washing station; Sibu coffee farm
  • Processing Method: Natural, dried on raised beds
  • Varieties: A mixture of local landrace and improved selections
  • Altitude: 1900 meters above sea level

The Kedir family has operated washing stations as part of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union since the late 1980s. In 2014 they started Sibu coffee exporters as a way to improve market access to the farmers they worked with. Now Sibu owns and operates 3 washing stations in the kebeles of Guracho and Hambela. This coffee was grown around the Guracho washing station by a collection of small-holder coffee producers, which are often called out-growers in Ethiopia. These out-growers only own 1-5 hectares of land, and coffee is only one of the crops they grow. Normally, they use as much of their land as they can for producing food to feed their families and rely on crops like coffee for some extra money. This is a naturally processed coffee, which was completely dried on raised beds over the course of three weeks at the Guracho washing station.

Sibu coffee has invested in renovating the school in Guracho, building a new roof and bringing in school supplies for the community’s students. They also financed the construction of an enhanced latrine as well as a freshwater supply for the village. We sourced this coffee through Royal Coffee importers based in Oakland, California.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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We want to draw your attention to a subtle change on our labels, all of our labels now include both filter and espresso symbols.  The reason for this is simple:  all of our coffees have been prepared so that they are well suited to any brewing method.  Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of our coffees, making each brew unique.  We will continue to classify any coffees we deem especially suited for brewing espresso.