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Kanzu - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Rwanda
Kanzu - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Rwanda

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Kanzu - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Rwanda


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  • From: Nyamasheke, Western Province, Rwanda
  • Washing Station: Kanzu
  • Farmers: Small-holders around Kanzu washing station in Karambi sector
  • Process: Washed, dried in parabolic driers
  • Varieties: Red Bourbon
  • Elevation: 1800-2100 meters

Set against the rolling hills of Nyamesheke, Kanzu is best described as a jewel. Run by Dormans, an exporter well known for its work in Kenya, the Kanzu station is organized, well managed, and utilizes the latest knowledge in quality coffee production. Coffee cherries that are brought for processing are floated to remove underdeveloped seeds before being de-pulped, fermented for 16 hours, washed, then soaked again. Soaking the coffee cherries a second time is becoming increasingly common in East Africa but has been used in Kenya for many years. To address the impact of coffee processing on the area’s water system, all of the water used by the Kanzu station is tested and treated with microbes to remove any contaminants before being returned to the community’s water supply.

This lot was dried in a covered structure that houses 3 layers of drying beds stacked to nearly 10 feet tall. Traditional single-layer open-air raised beds can take up acres and acres of space and are subject to the elements. This experimental design is an effort to reduce both the footprint of the drying equipment and the elemental risks of drying outside. We’re happy to see that the resulting coffee is as delicious as we’ve ever tasted from this area.

More information:

“Very few coffee-producing countries have received the kind of focused aid that Rwanda has seen since the end of the genocide in 1994. Beginning in 2001 with the PEARL Project, and continuing with SPREAD, which ended in 2012, the Rwandese coffee industry was the focus of a series of collaborative development projects designed to rebuild the agricultural sector, mainly coffee & cassava, after the devastation of genocide & civil war. PEARL and SPREAD were funded by USAID and U.S. universities and led by Dr. Tim Schilling. By building washing stations, forming coops, and training agronomists, cuppers and quality control personnel, the programs helped to elevate Rwandese coffee to new heights, giving farmers access to specialty coffee markets and prices.” Red Fox Coffee Merchants

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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