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Guillermo Lomas Typica - Special Reserve - Ecuador
Guillermo Lomas Typica - Special Reserve - Ecuador
Guillermo Lomas Typica - Special Reserve - Ecuador
Guillermo Lomas Typica - Special Reserve - Ecuador

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Guillermo Lomas Typica - Special Reserve - Ecuador


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  • Farmer Name: Guillermo Lomas
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Coffee Region: Quito
  • Micro Region: Pichincha
  • Plant Variety: Typica
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Growing Altitude (m): 1350
  • Harvest Season: 2020
Typica is one of the two-parent varieties of almost all commercial coffee production in the world. Plants taken from Ethiopia to Yemen sometime in the 15th or 16th century were then brought to India’s Mysore region. In the 1690s, Dutch traders took some plants from India to Java in Indonesia. From Java, a single plant was sent to Amsterdam to live in a botanical garden. This single plant is the source of the Typica variety, and its descendants were sent all over Dutch, French, and English colonies in the Americas. Until the 1940s it was the most commonly grown arabica variety in the Western Hemisphere but was replaced by Bourbon varieties because of its susceptibility to disease and low yields. Its cup profile is unique, however, giving delicate floral qualities and a complexity not commonly found anymore.

Guillermo Lomas grows a lot of Typica on his farm in Pichincha, and we’re happy he does. The variety has a rustic, almost old-fashioned quality to it. It’s unusual for a younger farmer to choose to grow Typica, but Guillermo knows the value of these unique plants. Bourbon’s thick trunks and dense foliage mimic its heartier flavours, while Typica’s delicate leaves and spindly, sparse fruit portend its wild and delicate qualities. We thank Guillermo for taking the time to grow this variety and also to Red Fox Coffee Merchants for sourcing the coffee and bringing it to North America.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee