Gedeb Wuri - Special Reserve - Ethiopia
Gedeb Wuri - Special Reserve - Ethiopia
Gedeb Wuri - Special Reserve - Ethiopia

Gedeb Wuri - Special Reserve - Ethiopia

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Coffee, Ethiopia, Filter Coffee, Special Reserve

Orange | Honey | Floral 

  • Region: Gedeo Zone
  • Sub-region: Worka-Sakaro, Gedeb
  • No. of producers: 1567
  • Altitude: 2050-2100 masl
  • Varieties: local landrace and improved varieties
  • Process: Washed
  • Drying: Raised Beds for 14-21 days
  • Harvest: December-January 2021

Worka-Sakaro is a municipality located in northeast Gedeb close to the Guji border. It is a remote but impressively industrious area for coffee production. Of the 1300 hectares that comprise the area, over half of them are planted with coffee. Up to a few years ago when coffee exports were allowed only limited channels, the vast majority of coffee grown in this area was either processed and exported by the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), consolidated under the wide-reaching Worka Cooperative, or sold anonymously through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). Today, however, in addition to the Worka Cooperative splitting into multiple smaller coops, there are increasing numbers of single farm owners and independent companies who are processing and exporting direct. It is an exciting time to be buying in Gedeb, where we expect to see new layers of coffee continuously unfold as its local industry accelerates. Currently there are two private washing stations in Worka-Sakaro, one of which is Wuri, whose name in the Gedeo language translates to “high altitude”. The station was originally constructed in 2012 and today is owned by Ranger Industry & Trading PLC. Wuri, aside from producing assertive and tropical fully washed coffees, is also focused on achieving a diversity of processing and milling standards in order to iterate on local traditions and expand expectations of coffees from this area. This “Grade Zero” selection comes from a collaborative effort between Royal and Ranger Industry & Trading to design a near-perfect rendition of a top washed Gedeb. The experimental microlot begins as a careful fully-washed outturn, fermented 48 hours and washed under fresh water. Once dried, the coffee is treated to extra sorting steps at the dry mill, including multiple additional passes in the color sorter and a longer, slower hand-removal of imperfections. The idea is to present a better-than-Grade 1 result, hence the grade “0”.

Wuri (Grade Zero) is produced in the Gedeo Zone, more specifically in the sub-region of Worka Sakaro. This farm, which is considered an amalgamation of several different independent farm owners, works with exporting companies to allow their coffee to be directly exported. The farmers pride themselves immensely on the quality of coffee produced. This particular coffee is reminiscent of honey in its subtle sweetness. Its characteristics also contain notes of distinctive florals.

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