Finca Miramundo - Raw Green Coffee - Guatemala
Finca Miramundo - Raw Green Coffee - Guatemala

Finca Miramundo - Raw Green Coffee - Guatemala

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Green Coffee, Guatemala, Light Brown

Butterscotch | Date | Almond

Country: Guatemala
Region: Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Santa Rosa
Farmer: Javier Fernandez
Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds in greenhouses
Altitude: 1700-2000 meters above sea level
Varieties: Catuai, Bourbon, and Caturra

The owner of Finca Miramundo, Javier Fernandez, purchased his farm 8 years ago. At the time the farm was in poor shape so Javier looked to a close friend, Luis Pedro Zelaya, to provide advice on how to recover the land. Javier and manager, Oscar Ortiz, farm an area of 315 hectares, with 28 hectares dedicated to coffee production. Their agronomists have taken a comprehensive approach by first addressing the nutritional needs of their Catuai, Bourbon and Caturra trees. They have also developed a pruning and stumping strategy to balance cherry yields with the developmental needs of the trees themselves. Stumping means cutting the trees off at the trunk to encourage new tissue growth while taking advantage of pre-existing rootstock for nutrient delivery. Faster uptake of nutrients means the new tissue is capable of producing yields sooner than a whole new tree would be able to do.

Javier and his workers harvest the cherries from their plot and deliver them to a neighbouring farm, Santa Ana, for wet-milling (where the skin and the pulp of the fruit are removed prior to drying). Once in parchment (the protective skin of the seed), the green coffee is delivered to Bella Vista in Antigua for dry milling (removing the parchment), warehousing and export. Sr. Morales and his crew de-pulp them before fermenting the resulting parchment for 36 hours. After the remaining mucilage is washed off the parchment, it is dried in specially designed greenhouses or on large concrete patios. This can take anywhere from eight to twenty days. Temperature and moisture content are monitored throughout to ensure thorough and even drying.

The results of this work are evident in the continually improving quality of the coffee. This year the coffee tastes more balanced and sweet than ever. This is our eighth year purchasing this coffee and we are excited to continue working with them in the years to come!



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