Claro de Luna - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Peru
Claro de Luna - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Peru

Claro de Luna - Green (unroasted) Coffee - Peru

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Green Coffee, Light Brown, Peru

Milk Chocolate | Nut Brittle | Apple

Recommended Starting Parameters: 19.5 in | 30-32 seconds | 39-40g
*note above parameters were created using an 18g VST basket on an espresso machine set to 8.5 bars of pressure
  • Town: Rumipite Bajo
  • Region: La Coipa, San Ignacio, Peru
  • Farmers: 21 small farmers around Rumipite Bajo
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Varieties: Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, Typica
  • Altitude: 1650-200 meters

Claro de Luna translates to Moonlight which we feel is appropriate for this silky, delicate coffee from the La Coipa district in northern Peru. The coffees are grown, harvested, washed and dried by farmers around the town of Rumipite Bajo who then deliver their freshly dried parchment to Origin Coffee Lab. Coffees that pass physical and sensorial quality checks by the team at Origin are either kept completely separate to be sold as microlots or blended together with other coffees from the same area to create community blends. Origin Coffee Lab started working with Mr. Milciades Minga in the area in 2017, and since then he has brought 20 other small farmers in the area together to work with Origin. Each farmer has on average only 2 hectares of land for coffee, and each produces about 20 sacks of green coffee per harvest. This regional blend reflects the communal approach to production that these farmers share. Although the coffees are grown and harvested in individual farms, whole communities come together to share resources and labour.

Origin Coffee Lab was started in 2017 by José Rivera to show the world that the reputation that Peruvian coffee had was outdated. Not only is Peru already producing some excellent coffees, but there is the potential to produce so much more. He believes that the best way to realize this potential is through establishing trust with producers who have been at the mercy of unfair markets for too long. This trust is developed over time through being able to pay consistent prices and helping to manage quality. Trained agronomists provide assistance with agricultural practices, and quality control staff evaluate the coffee and provide feedback on harvest and processing practices. Claro de Luna is a testament to how well this process has been working.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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