Beriti Natural - Raw Green Coffee - Ethiopia
Beriti Natural - Raw Green Coffee - Ethiopia

Beriti Natural - Raw Green Coffee - Ethiopia

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Ethiopia, Green Coffee, Pink

Strawberry | Chocolate | Brown Sugar

Recommended starting parameters: 19.5 in | 31 seconds | 37.5g out

  • Region: Beriti, Gedeb, Ethiopia
  • Farmers: Out-grower farmers near METAD’s Beriti station
  • Processing Method: Natural, dried on raised beds
  • Varieties: A mixture of local landrace and improved selections
  • Altitude: 1900-2200 meters above sea level

The seeds of METAD were planted (quite literally) by Muluemebet Emiru, Africa’s first female pilot and first licensed driver. As a gesture of gratitude for her achievements, Emperor Haile Selasse 1 gifted her with tracts of farmland in Sidama and Harar. Along with her husband, she began cultivating coffee on the Harar land, transforming it into a coffee estate. Her grandson, Aman, started METAD to share high-quality Ethiopian coffee with the world. Now, nearly 10 years after its founding, METAD operates estates around Guji the Guji and Gedeo zones and works with nearly 10000 small farmers (which they call Outgrowers). Paying a premium for expertly grown and harvested coffee cherries, they train their large processing staff in the most current best practices. Their employees have access to scholarships and community health centers, which can be difficult to access in the remote areas where coffee is grown.

This lot of coffee comes from their Beriti processing station in the Gedeb Woreda of the Gedeo Zone. It employs hundreds of workers each season and produces both washed and naturally processed coffees. The precision and craftsmanship that goes into the entire production are indicative of the pride that every employee holds in the creation of this coffee. The ripe cherries are full of sugars that begin to fortify as they are dried on raised beds. Over the course of several weeks, the cherries are turned, sorted, covered and shuffled as the conditions require. Once they’re adequately dried, they are hulled to remove the dried husk and parchment, then sorted by machine. Any defective cherries are removed by hand. The result is a spectacularly complex flavour profile rich in ripe red berries and chocolate.

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