Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia
Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia
Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia
Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia
Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia

Bedhatu Jibicho - Ethiopia

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Coffee, Ethiopia, Filter Coffee, Yellow

Candied Orange | Rosehip | Herbal Tea

  • Region: Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone
  • Harvest: October-December
  • Altitude: 1800-1900masl
  • Process: fully washed and dried on raised beds

In the Gedeb District of the Gedeo zone in Ethiopia, Bedhatu Jibicho hosts a modest coffee farm. Bedhatu’s original 84-acre farm, which she has personally managed for over 50 years now without the use of chemical inputs. 84-acres is drastically larger than most farms in the area, and Bedhatu employs 20 year-round workers and another 130 seasonal workers for the harvest who are primarily women. The farm itself produces approximately 5 containers of exportable, top-quality coffee each year.

For this washed lot, cherries are carefully hand-sorted and floated to separate out less dense beans, then de-pulped, fermented for 48 hours, and washed and classified again by density in grading channels. The parchment is rinsed and placed on raised beds where it is hand sorted again and dried over a period of 12 to 15 days. The parchment is often covered during the afternoons to prevent harsh drying in the intense sun.

Through her work, Bedhatu prioritizes the social impact she has on her community. The Roba family has invested in more localized cherry collection sites to reduce the transportation cost for other producers. They have also contributed to road construction projects making transport easier for the community.

This coffee is classified as yellow coffee for its bursting flavorful citrusy characteristics.

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We want to draw your attention to a subtle change on our labels, all of our labels now include both filter and espresso symbols.  The reason for this is simple:  all of our coffees have been prepared so that they are well suited to any brewing method.  Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of our coffees, making each brew unique.  We will continue to classify any coffees we deem especially suited for brewing espresso.

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