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Our passion is to highlight exciting flavours in coffee while caring for our producers, partners and community

Each time you buy a cup of coffee at Transcend, you help change the future of the coffee industry.

You can be sure that a healthy and sustainable percentage of what you pay, is going back directly to the people that make this possible, and that is something you should be proud about.

Because our coffees are expertly roasted in Edmonton, Alberta and sourced from some of the best farms in the world, you’re also enjoying some of the best coffee Canada has to offer.

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Sourcing & Sustainability

We believe that sustainability starts with the financial stability of coffee producers. Our coffee model allows us to establish meaningful relationships with coffee producers around the world and gives us access to some of the best coffee in the world in a genuinely​ sustainable way.

Our green buyer, Josh Hockin, sources all of our coffees. It’s Josh’s job to regularly travel to coffee producing countries and connect with coffee farmers who, like us, are passionate about coffee and work hard to create some of the world’s best. Sometimes, a few of us tag along. We taste coffee together, solve problems together, grow together. 

Because we believe that sourcing coffee should be a meaningful, reciprocal​ relationship, we prioritize paying the farmers we work with the amount they deserve, which is always more than existing fair trade standards. And we’re glad to do it!

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Coffee Built On Relationships

We couldn’t do what we do without our full team. From our front-of-house baristas to our roasters to senior management, each role plays a big part in creating the character of Transcend. We look to provide every team member with the opportunity to grow into new roles, brainstorm ideas and fully integrate into the Transcend community. It’s only by working as a team that we can transcend the usual​ coffee standards.

Career Opportunities
transcend coffee in canada proudly roasted in edmonton alberta

Accentuating Flavour

The science around flavour and aroma is constantly evolving, and like it, we too are always learning more about it. We are committed to roasting coffee so that you can experience what we think is the best expression of flavour for every unique coffee that we sell. Every one has unique potential based on its variety, its location, how it's processed and how it's cared for. We want you to be able to taste what makes each coffee unique. We think this approach best reflects our values around the celebration of flavour.

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Our Community

Our neighbours, customers and community are so vital​ to us. We’ve grown alongside many Edmonton businesses over the last thirteen years and built great relationships with customers, business owners and leaders across Canada. We love to give back and help as much as we can. These are some of the charities and businesses that we support throughout the year. 

One essential ingredient for growth is time. Over a decade ago, Poul planted the seeds that would one day become the roastery, cafe and coffee education centre we are today. If we enjoy what we have today, what great things does tomorrow have in store?

July  2006 - Transcend Coffee Opens for Business

Aug 2006 - Transcend Coffee runs its first coffee tasting course

Sept 2006 - First Employee Andrew Legg is hired

Sept 2007 - Transcend participates in the Canadian Barista Competition for the first time

April 2008 - Poul Mark’s first trip to origin: participates in the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama’s international jury

June 2008 - Poul Mark receives first pay cheque (LOL)

Feb 2009 - Poul Mark's second trip to origin: Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador

April 2009 - Transcend participates in the inaugural Canadian Cup Tasters Championship and gets second place

Sep 2009 - Transcend buys its first Probat UG22 Roaster

Nov 2009 - Poul Mark becomes second Q Grader in Canada

Feb 2010 - Poul Mark visits Ethiopia

May 2010 - Poul Mark participates in Honduras Cup of Excellence jury

April 2010 - Transcend Garneau opens

Oct 2010 - Kate Sortland assumes role as Head Roaster

Jan 2011 - Transcend Coffee opens dedicated Roastery

Mar 2011 - Transcend opens bakery

May 2011 - Transcend opens location on Jasper Ave

Aug 2011 - Poul Mark participates in Nicaragua Coffee Conference

Oct 2011 - Poul Mark judges Ecuador National Coffee Competition

Oct 2011 - Josh Hockin wins Canadian National Barista Championship

Nov 2011 - Travel to NL to inspect Probat UG22 Roaster

Feb 2012 - Michael Harvey joins Transcend as Operations Director

Jun 2012 - Josh Hockin competes at the World Barista Championship

Feb 2013 - Josh Hockin assumes role as Green Buyer for Transcend

Mar 2013 - Transcend closes Jasper location 

Sept 2014 - Transcend opens Mercer location

Sept 2014 - Poul Mark begins work with Greg Zeschuk on the Ritchie Market

Oct 2015 - Ground breaking for Ritchie Market

Jul 2016 - Transcend celebrates 10th Anniversary

Feb 2017 - Transcend closes the Mercer location

Mar 2017 - Transcend closes its original Argyll location

Mar 2017 - Transcend opens in the Ritchie Market

Nov 2017 - Transcend Hosts the Canadian National Barista Championship 

Feb 2018 - 1st Team trip to origin Costa Rica

Aug 2018 - Renovations of Transcend Garneau

Mar 2019 - Transcend hosts the Canadian National Brewers Cup

We have been and continue to operate on Treaty 6 land, the traditional territory of the Cree, Niitsitapi, Dene, Nakota Sioux, and Saulteaux, as well as the Métis.