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Santa Lucia White Honey - Costa Rica
Santa Lucia White Honey - Costa Rica
Santa Lucia White Honey - Costa Rica
Santa Lucia White Honey - Costa Rica

Transcend Coffee & Roastery

Santa Lucia White Honey - Costa Rica


Saskatoon Berry | Apple | Honey

  • Origin: Naranjo, Costa Rica
  • Farmer: Ricardo Perez Barrantes
  • Process: White Honey
  • Variety: Typica, Villalobos and Caturra
  • Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level

For the 2017-2018 harvest, Josh decided to split his purchase between a red honey processed coffee for espresso and this white honeyed coffee that we think is perfect for filter. The difference between the two lots is that the extra mucilage left on the red honey makes for a deeper flavour profile, but the lighter white honey makes for a juicier and yet more delicate brew. We loved being able to showcase the different taste profiles that the same coffee processed different ways could offer, so we’re doing it again this year!

Santa Lucía is a pristine tract of canopy rainforest on the side of an old volcanic mountain. To us at Transcend, Santa Lucia is a gem of a coffee. Not only because the coffee is exceptionally delicious year after year, or because the area surrounding the farm is stunning, but because the people behind it are some of the most genuinely passionate and progressive we’ve met in coffee. Ricardo Perez Barrantes started growing coffee here in 1986 with a commitment to environmentally sustainable production. He was among the first in the West Valley to start his own micro-mill, and see the potential to include coffee growers from his surrounding community.

For the past two years, Ricardo has been planning and building an even smaller mill next to the main Helsar de Zarcero mill that sits at the top of Santa Lucia. This mill is for processing smaller amounts of coffee, which will let producers experiment with new processing methods and lot separations. Alongside the new mill is a nursery with dozens of unique varieties of coffee. Some are exotic and Ricardo hopes these offer exciting new flavour profiles, but others are hybrids that he is testing for their viability for future plantings as the climate becomes less hospitable to traditional arabica varieties. The work he’s doing now is with a mind to the future of coffee production in Zarcero for not only himself and his family, but for the whole community.

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