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La Ladera Special Reserve - Costa Rica
La Ladera Special Reserve - Costa Rica
La Ladera Special Reserve - Costa Rica
La Ladera Special Reserve - Costa Rica

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La Ladera Special Reserve - Costa Rica


Raspberry | Currant | Milk Chocolate

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Region: West Valley
  • Elevation: 1600 meters above sea level
  • Farmers: Francisco Mena
  • Mill: Sumava de Lourdes
  • Variety: San Roque
  • Processing: White Honey, dried on raised beds

The first time Francisco planted the Ladera plot of his Monte Lourdes farm, he chose to use San Roque, which has spread a bit around Costa Rica thanks to some well-placed friendships with agronomists from larger companies. This San Roque variety comes from Kenya, and it really truly does produce coffees that taste like the best Kenyan coffees do: Bright berries, juicy currants and complex acidities. This variety has been placing well in recent Cup of Excellence competitions in Costa Rica, and more and more farmers are planting it.

Unfortunately for Francisco, his first try at this variety didn’t go as planned. The high winds that sweep down the mountain-sides in the West Valley relentlessly pummelled the little trees, and despite efforts to dampen the wind using large trees that surround the plot, the leaves kept being blown off of the growing coffee trees. He didn’t quit, though. He changed the wind protection scheme he had come up with and kept the next set out of the most damaging winds. Thankfully his trees have grown to be mature and productive, giving us the opportunity to taste the delicious fruits of his labour.

This particular batch of his San Roque was fully de-pulped and de-mucilaged, before being dried on Francisco’s extensive raised bed system. The coffee was dried for 18 days in the sun and is one of the cleanest, brightest, sweetest coffees we’ve had from this farm.

-Josh Hockin 
Director of Coffee