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Kapeu - Guatemala
Kapeu - Guatemala
Kapeu - Guatemala
Kapeu - Guatemala
Kapeu - Guatemala

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Kapeu - Guatemala


Walnut | Vanilla | Chocolate Fudge 

  • Country: Guatemala
  • Region: Alotenango, Antigua
  • Producers: 300 smallholder producers from around the Acatenango volcano
  • Altitude: 1600-1800 meters above sea level
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Typica
  • Process: Mechanically washed and greenhouse dried

Kapeu is the name that Luis Pedro Zelaya has given to the coffees he purchases from small-holder farmers that are situated around the Acatenango volcano. The farmers bring their freshly harvested cherries to Luis Pedro’s Bella Vista mill in the outskirts of Antigua, where they are checked for quality, then weighed. Farmers are paid upfront for their harvests, and their cherries are then transported to the mill to be depulped and mechanically washed.

Bella Vista is more than just a coffee mill. Like many socially conscious organizations, it has started programs that are aimed to improve education and health outcomes for its surrounding community. As most coffee farmers are ageing, they no longer want to keep producing coffee, because it is a lot of work. Many children of coffee farmers have moved away to pursue education and job opportunities. Recognizing the challenge, Bella Vista partnered with APCA (the Antigua Coffee Producers Association) to create a coffee production program for local high school students. The program provides the next generation of coffee farmers with education and information about the coffee industry. This includes learning about farming best practices, sustainability, cupping, processing, business management, and even physical education. Programs like these benefit the community and the industry as a whole, and we’re proud to work with some of the most forward-thinking producers in the industry.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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We want to draw your attention to a subtle change on our labels, all of our labels now include both filter and espresso symbols.  The reason for this is simple:  all of our coffees have been prepared so that they are well suited to any brewing method.  Different brewing methods will highlight different aspects of our coffees, making each brew unique.  We will continue to classify any coffees we deem especially suited for brewing espresso.