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Giraldo - Colombia
Giraldo - Colombia
Giraldo - Colombia
Giraldo - Colombia
Giraldo - Colombia

Transcend Coffee & Roastery

Giraldo - Colombia


Almond | Chocolate | Butterscotch

  • Farmers: Grupo Giraldo de Exotico Altura
  • Municipality: Giraldo
  • Region: Antioquia, Colombia
  • Processing Method: Washed, dried on covered, raised beds
  • Varieties: Castillo, Caturra
  • Altitude: 1780-2045 meters above sea level

This offering from the Antioquia region of Colombia is different from other coffees we’ve purchased from Colombia recently. We normally work with an exporting company called Azahar who works with many small farmers and cooperatives throughout Colombia. We’re proud to be able to showcase the work that they and the producers they work with do every single harvest, but predicting exactly how much coffee we should buy each year can be tricky. Due to the pandemic this year, we delayed shipments from Central America because of the increased uncertainty. We thought we were going to have enough coffee to last us through the first half of the summer, but this was not the case. In situations like this, we look to importing companies who have coffee on-hand in their inventories in North America (so-called “Spot Offerings”). We’ll receive samples and test them out before confirming a purchase, but the real relationship exists between the producer and the importing company, not us. This is not how we normally do business, but when we have gaps in our menu we need to be able to adjust. With that said, we think this is a truly excellent coffee!

The 81 member farmers of Grupo Giraldo de Exotico Altura banded together in 2008 to focus on producing higher quality coffee in hopes of achieving higher prices for their product. They are all part of the umbrella Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia, working with the cooperative to model agronomic and processing practices for other members.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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